Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy - 10 Teasers



Images from A Town Called Mercy


The Doctor tries on an American accent.


And doesn't appear a fan of the hard stuff anymore (see Day of the Daleks)


But he does like The Archers.


There's a transgender horse.


One gag appears to have been nicked from Carry On Cowboy.


The Doctor's definitely 1200 years old, or thereabouts.


Him-out-of-Gavin & Stacey is remarkably good in it.


There's a repeat of a line from The Impossible Astronaut.


The episode has probably the simplest plot since the series returned in 2005.


The episode looks stunning, and unlike some of the other Big Location episodes, isn't 10% outside filming and 90% Cardiff soundstages.


Images from A Town Called Mercy


Steve O'Brien



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Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy - 10 Teasers
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