Doctor Who: The Power of Three - 12 Teasers



Scenes from The Power of Three


Amy has a new job.


A familiar trope from a previous showrunner's era makes a return.


Apart from Sir Alan Sugar, there's another celebrity cameo. Though he's not the first person with that name to guest in the programme.


Matt Smith gets to show off some leg skills again.


Amy and Rory are beginning to choose real life over the Doctor.


Brian's Log.


Scenes from The Power of Three


There's a "reappearance" of a song we haven't heard in the show for nearly seven years.


It features Doctor Who's first ever BBQ.


There's some man on man smooching.


Amy and Rory's wedding anniversary is ruined by an old Tom Baker-era monster.


Yes, Jemma Redgrave is playing the daughter of...


The Doctor knows the race behind the invasion, even if we don't.


Scenes from The Power of Three


Steve O'Brien



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Doctor Who: The Power Of Three - 12 Teasers
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