The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Doctor Who Fan Films

In amongst this lot, could be - could be - Doctor Who's next showrunner...



From the mid-1980s hiatus to the cosplay scene, who needs a new season of Doctor Who – there's always fans who want to play with the form. Some are talented amateur thesps, some are creative designers, some should stick to Tumblr… Welcome to the madness!


Gene Genius

Commissioned as a well-connected fan's birthday present, drafting in Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred to appear as Doc 7 and Ace, in which one John Field steps into the Third Doctor's britches for a trad-based tale of alien invasion. Very much in the Acorn Antiques-style of method acting. But is it canon?



Time Rift

The particular highlight of this film is seeing the self-appointed internet forum arbiter of fan opinion, Jon "Cheers" Blum, delivering an hilarious impersonation of Sylvester McCoy ("It's just a coinceeeeedence, isn't it?") accompanied by a particularly dumpy Ace who makes Sophie Aldred look like Gia Carangi.




A legendary fan film amongst fan films, inasmuch as its makers roped in Jon Pertwee to give his last performance as the Third Doctor, filling in that dodgy continuity gap between The War Games and Spearhead From Space. The rather excitable and wobbly TARDIS time rotor from this fan film was later reused in The Curse of Fatal Death for the Master's TARDIS.



The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Daleks

It's with the advent of desktop animation that fan films have avoided dodgy acting and been able to use pure creativity to pay homage to Who without so much toe-curling. This is one such clip, created by Miwk Publishing's Andrew Orton; an affectionate and hilarious nod to both The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and the comical weaknesses of Terry Nation's most famous creations. This is the Rutles of Dalek homages.



The Dalek That Time Forgot

One of the most impeccably realised fan-made all-CGI films, this two-part story sees the Dalek Paradigm sending a Time War Dalek back to the dead planet of Skaro to secure proto-Dalek DNA to create a paradoxical survival of the Daleks from the destruction by the Hand of Omega in 2028. The continuity makes my head hurt, but visually it's sex on a stick.



Revenge Of The Cybermen (Remade Scene)

A Doctor Who fan re-enacts a scene from Revenge Of The Cybermen as a treat for his Who-loving son. Amatuerish, yet charming, making effective use of those Cyber helmets that were clogging up Tesco a few Christmases ago, some rather nice lighting and the dad-fan in question underplaying Tom Baker's lines quite nicely. Just a bit of fun, and a nice present for the lucky kid I'd wager.



The Ten Doctors

A real labour of love by YouTube maestro Babelcolour, creating the ultimate multi-Doctor story by sampling and sourcing virtually every available episode to bring us something we can only dream of. Colin Baker dodging Dalek rays! McGann in the Eccleston TARDIS! Troughton and Davison face to face! All painstakingly edited frame-by-frame in PhotoShop, apparently. Could only be improved by a star name - Gabriel Woolf? - overdubbing the animator's own voice as the Big Bad.



Doctor Like!

Two Northern, Cardiff Uni students pay homage to Doctor Who's new home of Cardiff with a hilariously low-budget treat, made entirely on an iPhone, having fun utilising such locations as Clwb Ifor Bach, St Davids Centre, Bute Park and featuring a cameo by Cardiff street legend, Ninjah. Tidy!



Daleks Vs Mechons

More wonderment courtesy of Andrew Orton – a fake trailer for the mythical third Dalek movie; a super-sexy fragment from a parallel world where Amicus made a film of The Chase, complete with Angela Douglas, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey and Christopher Lee. Just magical.



Fire And Ice

An Americanised version of Doctor Who – a Midwest remake of Rose with the most painfully self-aware "British" performance since Keanu Reeves in Bram Stoker's Dracula - played out to outright belly-laughs during the otherwise tolerant fan film festival at Cardiff's Chapter Arts in 2011. Pure MSTK fodder. Painful.



James Gent



The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
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