The 11 Funniest Doctor Who YouTube Clips

We searched the net, so you don't have to.



The Three Doctors: Santized Language Version


The Three Doctors. Without the f***ing swearing.




Earthshock: Original Ending


From the rough cut of episode four.




Doctor Who Misinformation Guide


Not everything you see here will be completely true...




Billy Fluffs


All the best slip-ups from William Cartmel.




Benton, Not Fenton, in Doctor Who


Because someone had to do it...




An Interview With John Levene


Levene word-mash-up. Respect.




Flight Of The Darned


Give this man a proper TV show!




Bye Bye Tom


Why did Doc 4 only remember the good monsters anyway?




10 Disco Dancing Doctors


If you've ever wanted to see William Hartnell strutting his funky stuff on a dancefloor...




Trouser Snakedance


Romana/Romana hot lesbo action time.




The Five Doctors. Part Two


Just because.



Steve O'Brien



The 11 Funniest Doctor Who YouTube Clips
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