Class Of Who: Terror of the Autons

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizze watches Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons


The Fan Can: Well, Terror of the Autons... What did you think?

Lizzie: I thought it was scary.


Oh yeah? Which bits?

The killing chair, that was scary. Because chairs don't usually blow up by themselves when you click your fingers, and then you die. A chair can't usually kill you. Can I ask a question?


Yeah, go ahead.

What are the Nestene? I don't quite understand what they are? Have I already seen one?


Yeah, in Christopher Eccleston's first story. And in Jon Pertwee's first one, which you've watched. They look a bit like an octopus. But they control the plastic and the plastic people are called Autons.



Can you tell me what the story was?

Obviously, it was the Doctor trying to stop the Nestene and stop the Master from making the Nestene come to planet Earth, because then it'd kill everybody and then it would be like Earth never existed.


Okay. What did you think of Roger Delgado as the Master? You've never seen him before.

I've never seen a bad guy with a TARDIS. Why would an alien like the Master have a horsebox as a TARDIS? A horsebox?!


(Explains TARDIS chameleon device at length)



Anyway, what about Roger Delgado?

Who's he? Oh yes! He was very clever. You know some years later, he had the drums in his head? They hadn't invented the drums in his head yet. That's a difference. But I thought he was good. His face was scary. His eyes are a tiny bit close together... you don't normally see people like that. And his chin is quite long.


When Jon Pertwee was the Doctor, he was mostly on Earth, with UNIT.

Who's UNIT?


The army people that the Doctor works with.

Oh yeah. He's not really a very good person to work in an army place.


Why not?

He doesn't look that strong.


Well, the Doctor doesn't really agree with fighting, does he?

Why would someone who doesn't like fighting work with the army?


Well, quite. There's a fundamental flaw in Derrick Sherwin's reinvention of the series.

Maybe he just liked them as friends.


What did you think of Jo? It was her first story.

I've seen her as an old lady in Sarah Jane. She wasn't listening to the Doctor very much and was being too nosy and peeking at things when she's not meant to. Like that daffodil - the Doctor told her it was dangerous and she peeked at it, and it nearly killed her! I think it should have been the Doctor doing that and the companion getting it off. It's a bit too harsh to make your companion do it and suffocate and die. That's a bad idea.




Class Of Who: Terror of the Autons
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