Class Of Who: The Caves of Androzani

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizze watches Doctor Who: The Caves Of Androzani


The Fan Can: Well?

Lizzie: The planet was called Androzani.


Yes, but what did you think of the story?

I thought it was good because it was a bit scary when I saw whatsisname...


Sharaz Jek?

Yeah. When he took his mask off, his face looked really scary.


Oh. What else did you like?

Well, when I saw those bats in the cave, all frozen, they looked really freaky because it looked like they were staring at the Doctor. And that beast when he was frozen too, he looked freaky. It looked like his teeth were bigger than the normal size. They looked sharper and more dangerous.


So, you liked Sharaz Jek then?

A bit. In the end he was good and in the beginning he was good, because he saved the Doctor's and Peri's lives. But he wasn't an alien and in Doctor Who there are meant to be loads and loads of aliens!


But there were loads of robots.

They're not so exciting.


Did you like Peri in that story?

You remember the last time I talked about Peri? I said I thought she never listened to the Doctor. Well, she does sometimes. She doesn't mess about like other people, like Amy. Amy didn't listen to the Doctor at all when she first met the Doctor as a grown-up lady.


What was the story?

First, Peri fell in that nest, which gave her a disease and the Doctor wiped it off and that gave him a disease, then they both got kidnapped, then they both got made into robots. Then they got shot in the robot mode, then they got kidnapped by Sheriff Jek and then the Doctor went on that ship thing. And they were both catching the disease in a really bad way now and the Doctor got weaker and weaker and then Peri started to die, so Sheriff Jek turned a bit good, because he was trying to save Peri's life. Then the Doctor went into the caves and got the Queen's bat milk. But there was only a tiny bit in the body, because she got frozen as there's not much oxygen down there. If there's not enough oxygen you get frozen to death, and you don't even know. So he got the tiny bit of milk for Peri and he took her into the TARDIS and he gave it to her and said, "There's only enough for one person," and a human only has one life, so he should have given it to her, shouldn't he. And then he started dying and he remembered all his friends and then he regenerated.


Was that exciting?

Not really.



No, because I knew it was going to happen.


Did you know Peter Davison, who played that Doctor, his daughter is married to David Tennant.

(No reaction)


What didn't you like about it?

I liked all of it. Hmm, but there was one person I didn't like.



I thought he was evil. He was more evil than Sheriff Jek, actually. Sheriff Jek is half evil, half good. Sometimes he's good, sometimes he's bad! But Morgus is evil all the time.


Out of all the Doctor Who stories you've watched, was that one of the best?

I like Sylvester McCoy the best.


I know. But what about this story? Did you think it was more like new Doctor Who?

No, it didn't turn out like that.




Class Of Who: The Caves of Androzani
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