Class Of Who: City of Death

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizze watches Doctor Who: City Of Death


The Fan Can: So, City of Death then?

Lizzie: I thought it was good. That Scaroth, I thought he was scary and when I watched it I wanted to hide away from the TV. When the end of the first episode came I got really scared. I hid behind the chair!


What else did you like about it?

I liked the Scaroth. But I didn't like it when the man went into the time machine and he turned into bones. He went like this [shows me what looks like spasmodic dancing]. Oh, you can't put that on the computer because they can't see what I'm doing...


Did you like Tom Baker in that?

I like the new ones better.


What's the difference?

In the new ones, Matt Smith always shouts and he's always bossy, and in the old ones, the Doctor's not usually bossy. That was the fashion then. You know in Victorian times, when friends came around, they never were bossy to other people. In your day, when you were a boy, people didn't like to be rude to other people in public, especially people they haven't known for a very long time. That's why those Doctors aren't that bossy, because they haven't known their companions for that long - they drop them home in a couple of weeks. They only stay for two weeks, and then they're gone.


Okaaaay... What did you think of Romana?

I thought she was pretty. What year was she picked up in?


Well, that was made in 1979. Did you know she married Tom Baker?

And then they broke up.


How did you know that.

You told me.


Did you like Duggan?

Who's Duggan?


The man who liked thumping people. He obviously made a big impression.

I don't really like strong people, because it just makes me worry a bit that they are actually strong in real life and they can meet you and if they get angry they might actually do something to you.


I can assure you Tom Chadbon is not going to punch an eight-year-old girl. Anyway, did you find that story more fun than some of the others?

Not really. It was a bit like the usual old ones.


Did you understand the story?

Not that well. I don't understand when people go into the timeline, when they put an object into the time machine, I don't quite understand how it goes backwards and forwards.


Were there any bits you didn't like about the story?

You know the music when they're coming out of buildings? It's always the same music and it got a bit annoying. Everytime they come out it's the same!




Class Of Who: CIty Of Death
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