Class Of Who: Day of the Daleks

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizze watches Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks


The Fan Can: So, Lizzie, what did you make of Day of the Daleks?

Lizzie: I thought it was a little bit good. The war bit was good and the bit where the Daleks came in was good as well. And the Doctor getting imprisoned in the cellar - those kind of things.


Was there anything you didn't like about it?

I didn't like some of it because that guy who was working for the Daleks, he should have been meaner and nastier.


But he was good in the end, wasn't he?

Yes. But he should like the Daleks because the Daleks are teaching him to be nasty, and they're on his side. Well, he's on their side, so it's like that.


You like Jon Pertwee, don't you?

Yeah. I thought it was going to be the First Doctor or something.



Because when you got the DVD from the shelf, there was a whole load of DVDs, and I saw your arm reach out that way, and I thought you were going to get the very first. What was his name?


William Hartnell.

Yes, Graham Hartnell.


No, William Hartnell.

I wouldn't have liked it if it was.


So, what about the Third Doctor?

Shall I describe him? Brave. And he got a bit sweaty sometimes. When people were asking him who he was, he got sweaty and he turned red. And he's very smart, as in clever.


He's also a pretty smart dresser, isn't he?

Yes, he's another smart in that. I liked the cape. That's like a vampire cape.


Did you understand the story?

A little bit.


How would you describe it?

It was about a war! A Third World War! That's never existed, has it?



Phew! Anyway, it was about the Doctor trying to kill the Daleks, but if he does kill the Daleks that makes him as bad as them.


No, that was the story of Genesis of the Daleks, which we watched a few weeks ago.

Yeah, I know.


So, what's this story about?

Oh, it's about the Doctor trying to get rid of the Daleks. He let them go inside the building and then it blew up! But you know the war? It was a very tiny war.


What did you think of the Ogrons?

I thought they were ugly. They looked like gorillas and they were really hairy. And they do a karate chop like this and they crack the skull and then people die. They're not very good policemen.


Why not?

Cos policemen don't kill people! They aren't very good figures for policemen. Policemen just arrest people and put them in prison.


Well, to be fair, they're not really meant to be policemen. Anyway, what did you think of Jo Grant?

I thought she was good. I thought she was very brave. A lot of the girls in Doctor Who aren't very brave at all. They just scream all the time.


Did you recognise Jo from the episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures that you like?

No. I forgot she was a companion. I think that's all for now.




Class Of Who: Day of the Daleks
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