Class of Who: Delta And The Bannermen

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches Delta and the Bannermen


The Fan Can: So, Lizzie, what did you think of Delta and the Bannermen?

Lizzie: I thought it was good. I liked all of it.


What did you think of Sylvester McCoy?

He was good. I liked his clothes. And he was brave.


What did you like best about him?

I thought his speech was good.


What, what he was saying to Gavrok?

No, the way he talks. He sounded more important. Some people didn't listen to him even though he said do not do that and do not do that again, and somebody touched the TARDIS.


Why weren't they listening to him?

I don't think they believed in power, like fairytale power. You know wizards? They're not real. I don't think they knew that if they put that magnetic thing on, they were going to burn to ashes. The Doctor didn't say they were going to burn to ashes and I don't think they understood his language that well.


What did you think of Mel?

I don't like her. She screams a lot. And she didn't really do that much exploring. Rose and Amy, they're really brave and Mel's not really brave.


It was fun seeing Doctor Who in a holiday camp, wasn't it?

I thought it would have been nicer in Disneyland, because they did say they were going to go there!


What bits did you really like?

I liked it when I saw the baby alien hatch. Aliens are usually scary, and this alien was a lot scarier than a normal alien. Especially when it hatched.


Were there any people in it you particularly liked?

I liked the lady who raised the baby in the end - Delta! She was brave.


Billy was handsome, wasn't he?

I don't want to do that question.


Did you like Gavrok?

No. He wasn't scary. He wasn't a very good villain. I thought it was going to be an alien, one with really long claws and big eyes. That would have been scary. He didn't even look alien, he just looked human! And his clothes too.


They thought at the time of making Ray the companion.

That would have been good, because Mel was screaming all the time. Ray never screamed. Ray was brave and Mel is the only one who isn't brave at all.




Class Of Who: Delta and the Bannermen
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