Class Of Who: Earthshock

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizze watches Doctor Who: Earthshock


The Fan Can: So, what did you think of Earthshock?

Lizzie: I thought it was quite good, actually. There was more of the monsters in it.


You've never seen Peter Davison before, have you?

I thought he was good, but I didn't think there were many parts of him, because it was mostly the Cybermen that you were seeing. Is this his last Doctor Who?


No. He didn't change at the end, did he?

Oh, yeah...


What was different about the Fifth Doctor?

He's the only one with blond hair.


Did you know that Peter Davison is David Tennant's father-in-law?

David Tennant's father-in-law?! That's cool!


What about Adric? Did you like him?

I thought he was brave to risk his life and die for his friends. I was surprised that he died.


Did you like Matthew Waterhouse, who played him?

He's a very good actor and very clever in the story. What planet does he come from?



So you know when he died? That's when he didn't want to be the companion anymore?


Yes. Did you think it was a bad thing that he died?

Not a bad thing, just a sad thing. He didn't know he was going to get to Earth so quickly and crash.


What about Nyssa and Tegan?

They weren't in many parts and I haven't really thought about them yet.


I like Tegan a lot.

I don't think she's very good.



I haven't thought about it. Can we leave Tegan?


Were you surprised by the Cybermen turning up?

I knew they were going to be in it.


How come?

I saw them on the menu.


They were a bit different to the new ones, weren't they?

Yes, you could actually see the people who were acting the Cybermen. You could see their chins. I thought it would be that they had metal over their chins and little teeny weeny holes so you couldn't see them. I thought it was silly. Robots don't usually have a face underneath it, they usually have wires.


Yes, but Cybermen are part human and part robot.





Class Of Who: Earthshock
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