Class of Who: Genesis of the Daleks

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches Genesis of the Daleks


The Fan Can: What are you doing?

Lizzie: I'm drawing a picture of Tom Baker as a girl, because I want him to be a girl this time.


When I suggested you watch this story, you said, "Oh no, not the Daleks - they're not cute!"

They're not cute or scary.


They weren't scary at all?

When they exterminated people it looked like they were turning them into ice. So they'll still be alive?


No, it was proper extermination.

Well, it's a bit weird.


What about Davros?

Until the bit came up when I saw his eye, because I didn't see his face, I thought he was a little, cute doggy.


What about after you saw his face?

I thought he looked ugly. If I ever saw him and I ever said that to him, he'd probably exterminate me!


Was he scary though?

No. He's exactly the same as the Daleks, so he's not that scary.


Did you know that the Daleks were created by Davros?

Of course I did. Davros is a Dalek himself. Except he isn't very active.


Did you think that the story about the Doctor going back to the beginnings of

the Daleks was exciting?



What was your favourite bit in it?

You know, that green cloud in the cupboard...


The big green monster you mean?

Yes, I thought that the monster was in water and when the Doctor went in there and he was going to see a big snail.


Okaaaay... So, did you think that the Doctor was going to destroy the Daleks when he had the chance?

Yes, but I thought that it was a bit stupid that he didn't. Because he didn't it means everyone in the future will be killed and exterminated and then they'll be dead.


But I think what the Doctor was saying was that if he destroys the Daleks it makes him no better than them.

(Long pause) Okay, but I still think it's stupid.


You're learning about the Second World War. Did anything remind you of it?

I thought it was like the First World War at the beginning. I didn't know it was Skaro.


Who did the Kaleds remind you of?

Who's he?


Davros's race of people.

No one.


Not the Nazis?

No, they're not like them, because there aren't other countries on that planet.


The Doctor isn't usually asked by the Time Lords to do anything for them, is he?

I thought they were all dead.


Lizzie's drawing of Tom Baker as a girl

They are in the new series. But not in this one.

Gallifrey has been dead for many years in the new one. So in this one his mummy and daddy are still alive?



Or they're dead. Actually, I think Gallifrey was already dead because that man looked like a ghost.


He did seem a bit ghostly. But he wasn't.

But how did he vanish?


Time Lord technology!



Are you growing to like Tom Baker?

I don't like so many old Doctors. I don't like Tom Baker. He's a bit... (very long pause) delicate.



Yes. What does that mean?


It means a bit easily frightened and easily hurt. He's not delicate, I don't think. He's

very strong.

He is delicate. He was scared when he stepped onto that round thing that looked like a tyre.


That was a landmine. Anyone would be scared!

What would happen to him if he moved his foot?


He'd have been blown up.



So you're not a fan of the Fourth Doctor then?





Class of Who: Genesis of the Daleks
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