Class Of Who: Planet of Giants

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizze watches Doctor Who: Planet of Giants


The Fan Can: So, Lizzie, what did you think of Planet of Giants?

Lizzie: I thought it was scary.



Yeah, because I hate bugs. They're really scary close up. Close-up spiders look REALLY scary.


Yes, but there weren't any spiders in this one.

No, but all the bugs in there were the ones I really don't like.


Was it an exciting story?

I wish I was small.


But was it exciting?

If I was small I could meet a mouse.


What did you like most about the story?

I don't really have any reason to like any bits, but it was just really freaky because of the bugs.


So what was the story about?

It was about insecticide. That was the monster -insecticide!


It's only your second William Hartnell story. What did you think of him this time?

I have seen him before. What did I think of him last time?


I can't remember. I'd have to check out your Rescue review. What about in this one?

He's a bit evil in it and his clothes don't look very good. I don't like his hair either. He likes to sound so posh.


Okay, what about Ian and Barbara and Susan?

Well, first of all, Barbara shouldn't have touched that seed.


You said you thought Barbara might be Susan's mother, didn't you?

Yeah. They look like each other.


What about Ian?

Ian and Barbara should have followed Susan and the Doctor. The whole thing started because they went into the lavatory [laboratory] and it's very dangerous in there. They should have known that bag was going to move. And lavatories are very dangerous because they have loads of experiments in there.


Did you guess quite early they weren't on an alien planet?

Yeah. Because there were bugs - they weren't giant snakes.


What was the best bit?

I thought they were going to get squashed.


Would you have liked that?

No! There'd have been loads of blood everywhere. Like when a fly dies and it's all blue. When I was little there was a fly that was flying around and I squashed it. I done it with the whacker.


If you saw a little Ian and Barbara would you whack them?

No. Because I'm older now.


What would you do with them now?

I'd take care of them. You know this little camper van here? [Picks up 4-inch toy camper van] If they wanted to ride somewhere I could hold the doors open for them and they could go inside. And then I could wheel them along.




Class Of Who: Planet of Giants
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