Class of Who: The Rescue

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches The Rescue


The Fan Can: So, Lizzie, what did you think of The Rescue?

Lizzie: Is that called The Rescue?



Ooohhh. You didn't tell me.



I thought it was good. Normally when I see old Doctors I don't think they're that good. But I liked this.


What did you think when I said I was going to show you the First Doctor?

I didn't think it would be that good.


What did you like about it?

The fact that Bennett was actually the alien. He was just dressed up as the alien.


What did you think of William Hartnell?

I don't really like that Doctor. He doesn't really do that much. He didn't do many Doctor Who things. He was just an old man. That's probably why they didn't do that much stuff for him.


What about Ian and Barbara?

I thought they were good, but I haven't really thought about them.


And Vicky?

She was always shouting at people.


Did you mind it being in black and white?

I would have preferred it in colour. Colour's better.


That's a moot point. Anyway, what didn't you like about the story?

The fact that Bennett couldn't walk. It was just a bit mean. But I didn't like that actor much because he wasn't up to anything.


Well, he was! He was Koquillian!

I know. But when he wasn't Koquillian he wasn't really up to anything.



Koquillian was up to a lot of things.


Could you imagine Matt Smith in that story?

Yeah. He'd be more helpful.


What did you think of the TARDIS?

When we saw it outside it was a bit scruffy. I don't like black and white because it's a bit scruffy.


What about the inside of the TARDIS?

I like the one now better. It didn't look anything like the same.




Class Of Who: The Rescue
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