Class Of Who: The Mind Robber

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches The Mind Robber


The Fan Can: So, what did you make of The Mind Robber?

Lizzie: I don't like black and white. I wished it was in colour.


What you think of Patrick Troughton?

I thought he was okay. He's sometimes a teensy bit worried but he was mostly brave. That's what the Doctor is. He saves the world and people.


Did you think he was much like Matt Smith? He's Matt's favourite of the old Doctors.

I don't know. I never laughed.


Did he feel like he was the same Doctor though?

Sort of. The Doctor was old when he was young and young when he was old, wasn't he?


Did you have a favourite bit?

I liked seeing the Minotaur. I like seeing them because they're not real. I really like horses.


Were any bits scary?

Yes. The bit when Jamie got a new face. That must be scary if it's you.


Did you like Jamie and Zoe?

Yes. When they were stuck in the trap they actually felt they were actually in a trap in real life. Looks like they were. But it isn't real.


So Doctor Who's not real?

Well, the Doctor's not real and Gallifrey is not real.


Do you have a favourite out of Jamie and Zoe?

Zoe. She was pretty, but she screams. She screamed when she saw the Doctor turning round with his eyes closed and I don't know what's scary about that. And sometimes she doesn't do what the Doctor says. When there was the statue with the snakes on the head, she didn't do what the Doctor said. She could have died.


How did you feel when the TARDIS blew apart at the end of episode one?

It must have been a little bit scary for them because it just flew apart without any bombs in it. The engine must have burst or something.


Did you think it was much like new Doctor Who?



What was different?

He had old trousers on, like pyjama trousers.




Class Of Who: The Mind Robber
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