Class Of Who: Spearhead From Space

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches Spearhead from Space


The Fan Can: So, what did you think of Spearhead From Space?

Lizzie: I thought it was very good. I just thought that those robots should have had more of a robot voice. But the people who made the robots, they made their voices as camouflage.


What did you think of the Doctor?

At the beginning he was being a little bit strange, but that was because he'd just regenerated. It was a little bit weird, because he just snatched his shoes and cuddled them. His shoes aren't a teddy bear! I think Matt Smith is a little bit better than him. Matt Smith acts not so strange as he did. It didn't feel like he was the same as Matt Smith. He wasn't as funny.


Did you know that actor also played Worzel Gummidge?

You've told me that. He was being like Worzel Gummidge in the hospital when he said, "Give me my shoes!"


What did you think of the Autons? Were they scary?

A little bit, yes, but I'm not scared.


So, Liz Shaw. Was she as good as Amy or Rose?

I think she was a little bit bossy at first, but I think she's nice. She is pretty.


What was your favourite bit?

I think it was when the old lady heard the dog howling because it was so scared, and it was a little bit sad when it died, because I don't like dogs dying.


Did you enjoy it as much as the new episodes?

I think the new episodes are a little bit better because Matt Smith is more funny and this Doctor was being a little bit confident.


Was there anything you didn't like about it?

There was one creature I didn't like. I didn't like the thing with the octopus arms that was strangling the Doctor. That was horrible.


Did you know the Brigadier is one of the Doctor's best friends?

Yeah. I thought he was quite good. But he's not as good as I thought he would be. He was very very bossy and I didn't want to see him being bossy to people. If he was real, I would just ignore him.


So, you did enjoy it then?

I did enjoy it, but I didn't feel as though I was in the film.





Class Of Who: Spearhead From Space
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