Class of Who: Survival

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches Survival


The Fan Can: So, Lizzie, what did you think of Survival?

Lizzie: I thought it was brilliant!


Crikey! What did you like about it?

It had lots of adventure in it. And I liked Ace's eyes turning orange. That was cool and I wish it could happen in real life.


What did you think of the Master? It's the first time you've seen the old one.

He wasn't scary at all. Not like the Master in the new series who has a screwdriver. [Goes off on a tangeant for five minutes about The Sound of Drums]


In a lot of the old stories the Master has something called the Tissue Compression Eliminator, which makes people small!

Oh, that's cool! I'd like to be small!


Well, small and dead.



What was the story about?

It was about cheetah people, but they are actually cheetahs. And it's about the Doctor trying to stop the cheetah people from eating the people in the village. He's trying to bring the past back, all the people from the village.


Did the cat people look good?

I thought they had good costumes. I liked them because they could talk and they had clothes on.


Lizzie's picture from Survival


Are they as good as the Daleks or Cybermen or Slitheen?

I think they are better than Daleks and Cybermen, but not as good as Slitheen.


Do you think the cheetah people should come back in the new series?

I think they should try to invade the world. Trying to get all the humans and eat them and take over all the land.


Did you find any of it scary?

No. Most of Doctor Who isn't that scary. The Slitheen are scary, and the pig that came out of the spaceship in the Slitheen episode. The Absorbalot [sic]. I didn't find the cheetah scary. She was dangerous, but not scary, just like a wild animal. A normal cheetah.


What do you think of Ace? Is she as good as Rose or Amy or Martha?

The new ones are cooler than Ace. All Ace does is collect badges and that's a bit boring. She has badges everywhere on her clothes, on the planet Perivale. That doesn't make clothes look nice anymore.


Do you like what the Doctor's wearing?

I think Matt Smith's outfit is better. Matt Smith's coat, it looks like it's made out of a haysack.



You know sack races? The kind of sacks they use... Them.


Did you like the Doctor's question mark jumper?

No. He has the question mark as the handle on his umbrella as well. It's a bit boring just having question marks all over his clothes!


Why do you think he has them?

I don't know! It looks really weird!


It's because we don't know much about him, apparently.

(Ignores me) He's a bit like a journalist and he always answers lots and lots of questions!


You mean he asks lots of questions?

Yeah. He asks lots and lots of questions to the monsters and then he tries to figure out what the monsters mean.




Class of Who: Survival
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