Class of Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches The Tomb of the Cybermen


The Fan Can: So, Lizzie, what did you think of that one?

Lizzie: At first, I was a bit bored. I didn't think it was very good when I was watching it, but when the Cybermen came out there was really cool music. It was like, woo-woo-woo... Do you know that music?


Well, yeah, I heard it too.

I liked that music. But I didn't like the other music. I also liked the bit where the leader of the Cybermen ran down and his voice went very, very low. But after that, you don't really know what he's saying. They thought the voice would be good, but it isn't. The whole point of the monster is meant to be when they're speaking. You can't hear them at all. They're just mumbling.


What did you think of the Cybermen's look?

The voice and the costumes weren't very good. The voice should be like the new ones, but you can't hear them and second, their costumes are very ugly.


Did you find that one scary? A lot of people I know, who were your age when that was on, said it was one of the scariest Doctor Who stories they'd ever seen.

Seriously? It's not scary!


You weren't scared at all?

No, of course I wasn't!


Did you have a favourite bit in it?



Matt Smith watched this story just before he started playing the Doctor. Could you see a little bit of Matt Smith in Patrick Troughton?

No. I never knew Patrick Troughton when I first saw Matt Smith. Patrick Troughton has a very worried voice all the time and Matt Smith doesn't.


How would you describe Patrick Troughton's Doctor?

He knows the future. He knows what people are going to do. And he knows the controls for other planets and he knows the writing of other kinds of species.


You didn't mind that it was in black and white, did you?

When I was watching it, I couldn't see some bits very well. When they were running there were loads of squares over them. All their body and their outline were actually squares. It's probably a DVD that's really old. Or an old video camera. They didn't have very good ones then. But we have very good cameras now - very good video cameras and very good movie cameras and show cameras.


What did you think of Jamie and Victoria?

Is she the Queen?


No. She's from the Victorian age though.

She was very brave and had a nice London accent.


What about Jamie? Did you think he was handsome?

I don't want you to ask that question. I don't like talking about it, because I'm not old enough for that yet. I have to be 18 to talk about that.





Class of Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen
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