Class Of Who: The Twin Dilemma

An eight-year-old's journey into Classic Who.



Lizzie watches The Twin Dilemma


The Fan Can: So, what did you think of that one?

Lizzie: I thought it wasn't very good. I didn't really like it because the music and the people were a little bit, well, weird. The monsters weren't so good. They weren't scary.


What did you think of Colin Baker as the Doctor?

I thought he wasn't very good either. He was a bit fussy. I thought his clothes weren't very good. They were a bit too colourful and there was too much red and green on him.


And what about Peri?

I thought she was only a little bit good. I thought she was going to be English, but she turned out to have an American accent.


Was it as good as the new episodes?

No. It wasn't as scary and I like scary ones, like the one where the pig jumped out.


Did you notice that the Doctor had just regenerated in that one?



What did you like about the story?

I didn't really like anything about it. It's not really child-friendly for children my age. I just thought it would have some fun bits, like in Matt Smith ones.


How long ago do you think that one was made?

Two years ago?


It was 28 years ago.

(shocked face)


Did you like any of the other actors in it?



Not even Azmael?

I thought he was the Master, because the Master is a Time Lord and there's only two Time Lords left now because there used to be three, but Azmael died.


But back then, all the Time Lords were alive.

(ignores me) It's a little bit sad because the Doctor doesn't really smile that much, and I know why.



Because he's thinking aliens might invade Earth again, and as well he's thinking about his mum and his dad. They died in the Gallifrey war against the Daleks. No, actually, not just the Daleks, it was against everyone!





Class Of Who: The Twin Dilemma
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