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He directed Shaun of the Dead! He directed Hot Fuzz! He directed Scott Pilgrim Vs The World! He dated a member of Ash! He comes from Wells! He's only 37! The Fan Can talks to Edgar Wright!



Edgar talks about Scott Pilgrim

What was the first movie that made you love movies?

It's cliched to say Star Wars isn't it? But that was the first film I ever saw at age three. So I can't deny it. Other big landmarks for me would be Raiders Of The Lost Ark, American Werewolf In London, Alien, Empire Strikes Back, Gremlins; so many. Even The Black Hole was a big film for me when I was six.


What was the first camcorder movie you made?

I made a 15 minute Super 8 film in 1989 called Rolf Harris Saves The World where he takes on international terrorists. It's still, probably, my finest work.


Where is home now?

At the moment, Los Angeles and London. But the last three years, I've straddled LA, London and Toronto. I have time zone whiplash.


Which director have you been the most starstruck by?

I worked with Spielberg, but he's actually utterly disarming and very warm, so I felt very comfortable talking to him. I have been ridiculously fortunate to meet so many heroes; Raimi, the Coens, Scorsese, John Landis, Joe Dante, Quentin Tarantino, Romero and more. I am a jammy, jammy bastard. I would still be pretty nervous to meet De Palma, Clint Eastwood or Woody Allen.


Scene from Shaun of the Dead

Do you have a director you love that would surprise your fans?

Bob Fosse or Busby Berkley. I am a big musicals fan and both those directors are amazing visual stylists and choreographers. Hopefully you can see their influence on Scott Pilgrim in some ways. It was always supposed to be a action musical. A brusical if you will.


How different did directing Shaun feel compared to Spaced?

It was a lot of pressure. I had a second chance to make my first film in a way and I was very concerned with not fucking it up. So Spaced was probably more fun to make. But I am very proud of both.


Can you imagine ever directing a film without a whip-pan?

Yes. And I shall do it. There are less whip pans in Scott Pilgrim actually.


Scene from Hot Fuzz

What's the situation with Ant-Man?

Writing. Hasn't gone away.


How far have the discussions about your third film in the so-called Ice Cream trilogy gone?

We have a great plot idea. But it's really about sitting down with Simon and Nick and spending time on it. I got a little dissuaded at the end of Hot Fuzz press by the idea that people thought we just spoofed different genres and I wanted to break out of that conception. So maybe our third film will be a little different or perhaps it will be the final version of that style we created.


What other films are you working on?

I have another solo script that I've been working on forever. It looks amazing in my head and I can't wait to make it one day.


Can you envisage working in Britain again?

Yes, I will. If I make another with Simon and Nick it will be UK set. It's important to me that we do that. I'm very proud that we made a London movie and a West Country movie that played around the world.


Have you ever had any ideas post Spaced that you felt would work better on TV?

Not yet.

Scene from Scott Pilgrim

What genre of film would you like to tackle that you haven't already?

Crime, musicals, a straight horror movie, a sci fi movie. I'd like to tackle some of these legitimately and without a comedy angle.


What kind of body of work can you imagine you having by the time you're 60?

If I can work until I'm 60 I'd be very happy. I love movies and feel very fortunate to have been able to direct as much as I have. I'd love to do more and be remembered for having a passion for cinema.


Edgar Wright
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