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The Fan Can chats to actor Tom Wlaschiha about going Nazi in Resistance and becoming a magical assassin in season two of Game Of Thrones.



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German-born Tom Wlaschiha, 38, plays Nazi Commander Albrecht in Amit Gupta's chilly adaptation of Owen Sheers' WWII novel, Resistance. Having spent most of his career in German-language films, he's recently been making a mark for himself in the international market with roles in Enemy at the Gates, The Sarah Jane Adventures and - next year - in the second season of Game of Thrones.


It's not your usual kind of war movie is it. What appealed to you about the story?

The thing that I like about the movie is the whole backdrop of the fictitious invasion of the Nazis in Britain. But it's not like a war movie. It's very much focused on the emotional side of the relationship between the Welsh farmer's wife and the Nazi officer. That's why I like it, that it's not a cliched Nazi part, but a real human being.


Tom Wlaschiha as the Valley's German resident.

Is it quite daunting to get inside the mind of a Nazi officer?

I didn't try to get into the mind of the Nazi character, I tried to get inside the mind of the soldier. That's quite similar in every way, what a soldier has to deal with. When he comes to the valley in the story, he'd already been in the war for five or six years and he's seen so many horrible things, that he's kind of tired of the war and he's quite okay about this situation of being cut off from the outside world.


Resistance is based on a novel. Does it help to not only have the script, but something more dense to draw from?

I read the script first and the book afterwards. The script is very close to the book, so even though you can't capture all the poetry of the book, Amit, the director, and Owen, who wrote the book and co-wrote the script, did a very good job of transporting that strange serene atmosphere of the book into the film.


The film is director Amit Gupta's first feature. How was he to work with?

If I hadn't known it was his first film, I wouldn't have noticed. Obviously, being a low-budget film we didn't have too many filming days, but we never had the feeling that we were being rushed or anything.


Tom Wlaschiha and Andrea Riseborough in Resistance

And you're in the new series of Game of Thrones, aren't you? What can you tell us about that?

(Warning: Spoilers ahead, spoilerphobes)

He's a magical assassin named Jaqen H'ghar. There's this character Syrio who teaches Arya, the little girl, swordfighting, and my character kind of has the function of a teacher in the second season. He's an assassin and he gets freed by Arya and in exchange he promises her three deaths, so she gets to choose three people she'd like to see killed. He's a very ambivalent character - at first he's kind of a bad guy and then he turns out to be helping her.


So, are you part of the regular cast now? Will you be continuing into season three?

I don't really know, because this character is only in the second book. He's not in the third or fourth books and depending on how closely the producers want to keep to the books, I don't know. I shape-shift in the end, I don't die, so there's a chance I could come back!


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Herr To The Thrones - The Tom Wlaschiha Interview
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