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Nev Fountain, writer


What's your desert island Doctor Who story?

I would pick any one from Chris Eccleston's first series, because I could probably build a raft from the cumbersome packaging.


Who's the best actor that should have played the Doctor?

Simon Russell Beale.


Who is the sexiest Doctor Who producer?

Philip Hinchcliffe. It's the way he bulges his eyes to emphasise random words in DVD interviews. It just gets me.


Who's the most famous Doctor Who related person you've got in your phone contacts?

Richard Curtis.


Ian Levine. Discuss.

He's smaller than a planet, but larger than a small dog.


Do you have all your Doctor Who DVDs in transmission order on your shelf?

No, but only because my bloody son can't be bothered to LEARN THE TRANSMISSION ORDER. Schools today. tch.


Which single episode would you like to be recovered?

I would choose the Space Pirates, so 2Entertain could release it with Terminus under the umbrella title Hats in Space.


Which is your favourite regeneration scene?

Fifth to Sixth. It's so damn trippy. You can surf it on acid, and try to bat away Kamelion and Adric with a rolled up newspaper.


What are the best and worst things about Doctor Who fandom?

The best thing is their Dr Evil like way of trying anything, no matter how barmy to express their love of a television show. The worst thing is their Dr Evil like way of trying anything, no matter how barmy, to express their love of a television show.


On a scale of nought to ten, how much do like Katy Manning's DVD commentary contributions?

Katy Manning is the Spinal Tap of DVD contributors. So she goes up to 11.


Has a Doctor Who story ever made you cry?

Jamie and Zoe's farewell to the doctor, and the Doctor watching them on the screen as they forget him. And that bit with the fake orphans in the last Xmas special, where Ben Miller escapes from that Carling Black Label ad and flies home.


Name a Doctor Who story you've never seen.

That one set in Pompeii with the lava monsters. I don't know why, I just haven't.


Have you ever thought about Doctor Who during sexual intercourse?

Good question. Next!


What evidence is there in your home that you like Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Magazine on the coffee table, DVDs upstairs, and Nicola Bryant on the sofa.


What percentage of your friends would know what "the Cartmel Masterplan" or "UNIT dating" means?



Give us a hint of the most scandalous behind the scenes Doctor Who gossip you know.

Good question. Next!


Nev Fountain, 63, is a writer and man. Among his credits are Dead Ringers, Have I Got News For You, 2DTV and several Big Finish plays. Check out his books in The Mervyn Stone Mysteries series here.



Q/A: Nev Fountain
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