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Toby Hadoke


What's your desert island Doctor Who story?

The Talons Of Weng-Chiang.


Who's the best actor never to have played the Doctor?

Michael Kitchen


Shag, Marry, Kill - Caroline John, Damaris Hayman,

Mary Morris

I refuse to answer that question.


Who's the most famous Doctor Who related person you've got in your phone contacts?

Kaftan off of Tomb Of The Cybermen.


Do you have all your Doctor Who DVDs in transmission order on your shelf?

Yes, generally, though I am a bit untidy so sometimes the involvement of haste, or my wife in putting them away, results in a muddle, which I then tidy and chronologise when I have deadlines or other pressing work commitments to fulfill.


Which single episode would you like to be recovered?

Tough. The Massacre episode 4 today. Tomorrow, probably a Troughton. I'd go for something from a completely missing story though.


Which is your favourite regeneration scene?

Tom Baker to Davison.


On a scale of nought to ten, how much do you like Katy Manning's DVD commentary contributions?

She's always a pleasure to have in the room, 10.


Has a Doctor Who story ever made you cry?

I cried when I read the novelisation of The War Games. I'm quite an arid individual, so I usually need alcohol to lubricate my lachrymosity, but I did blub at the end of The Pandorica Opens, at an awful lot of Russell T Davies' stuff, and the Binro the Heretic scene in The Ribos Operation.


Name a Doctor Who story you've never seen.

You're kdding, right? I have recons of everything that doesn't exist, so I've seen everything as much as one can. More than once (more than five times actually).


What evidence is there in your home that you like Doctor Who?

DVD and book shelves, the odd TARDIS here and there, a few pictures on the wall, the fact that I make my wife dress as Della from Nightmare Of Eden.


What percentage of your friends would know what "the Cartmel Masterplan" or "UNIT dating" means?

Until I did Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, about 5%, now, ooh, probably about 60%.


Give us a hint of the most scandalous behind the scenes Doctor Who gossip you know.

That's difficult, as I'm not sure that that thing with Rob Shearman, the impressionable fan and the Bandrill Ambassador costume can ever be proved.


Toby Hadoke, 58, is a comedian and writer and man. His act, Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, continues to tour the UK. He also contributes to many DVD commentaries and is rumoured to have had the IMDB surgically implanted into his brain. His website is here.


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Q/A: Toby Hadoke
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