Q/A: The Wife In Space (aka Sue Perryman)

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Sue Perryman - The Wife In Space


What's your desert island Doctor Who story?

Can't I take them all? That way I could make a raft out of the DVD boxes and then I'd escape from the island.


Who's the best actor that should have played the Doctor?

Anthony Newley.


Who is the sexiest Doctor Who producer?

The Moff.


Who's the most famous Doctor Who related person you've got in your phone contacts?

Toby Hadoke. He's into Doctor Who, isn't he?


Ian Levine. Discuss.

He's a very talented man. And it's not just Doctor Who, you know. He's very big in Northern Soul and Friends Reunited. I'd love to make a documentary about him that never even mentions Doctor Who. But he won't return my phone calls.


Do you have all your Doctor Who DVDs in transmission order on your shelf?

No, but I suspect my husband does. I might move them around a bit this afternoon for a laugh.


Which single episode would you like to be recovered?

Marco Polo. We still haven't watched that one yet and the thought of watching seven more recons isn't a very pleasant one.


Which is your favourite regeneration scene?

The one where David Tennant ended up naked.


What are the best and worst things about Doctor Who fandom?

The best bit is when they write nice songs about you.* The worst bit is when a stranger calls you a "sour-faced cunt". I am not sour-faced.


On a scale of nought to ten, how much do like Katy Manning's DVD commentary contributions?

Pass. But I'm sure she's lovely.


Has a Doctor Who story ever made you cry?

Yes, the one where we discover that the Doctor's TARDIS is really his wife. That was pretty sad. Don't ask me what it's called.


Name a Doctor Who story you've never seen.

How long have you got?


Have you ever thought about Doctor Who during sexual intercourse?

Insert joke about being bigger on the inside here.


What evidence is there in your home that you like Doctor Who?

There is far too much evidence! When people visit, they assume that we must live with very small children, but we don't. Dusting around Daleks can be a nightmare, too.


What percentage of your friends would know what "the Cartmel Masterplan" or "UNIT dating" means?

Even I don't know what that means.


Give us a hint of the most scandalous behind the scenes Doctor Who gossip you know.

I heard from a production assistant once that Tom Baker could be a bit difficult at times. I'm not sure if that's true or not.



Sue Perryman, 12, is the "not we" wife of former Tachyon TV misfit Neil Perryman, 64, and together they run the Adventures With The Wife in Space website. She is a committed fan of the music of Michael Bublé.



*which you can watch here:




Q/A: The Wife In Space (aka Sue Perryman)
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