Dexter And Homeland Returning In September

Showtime premiering both series on same night.

13 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Dexter stops his serial killing for a tea break

American cable network, Showtime, have announced that its two most acclaimed shows will be returning on the same night on Sunday, 30 September, this year.


Dexter had long been Showtime's most popular drama, until Homeland came along to challenge its crown last year. So, kicking off the new series of both - it'll be season seven for Dexter and season two for Homeland - on the same day is a bold move for the channel.


Homeland recently nabbed the Golden Globe for Best Television Drama, and averaged 4.4 million weekly viewers in its first season, while its season one finale was the highest-rated finale for any series in Showtime history, with five million viewers.


Dexter, meanwhile, averaged 5.5 million weekly viewers in its sixth season, its highest rated ever. Both series will begin production this Spring. Homeland will shoot on location in Israel and in North Carolina, while Dexter will continue to shoot in sunny LA.


Click here for the closing moments of Dexter's season six finale:




Dexter And Homeland Returning In September
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