Someone's Returning To The Walking Dead

Be warned, here be season three spoilers.

18 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Merle Dixon needs a gun

Oh, man, this is juice. Michael Rooker confirmed to an audience at this weekend's WonderCon that he will be returning to The Walking Dead, as Merl Dixon, Daryl's racist thug of a brother!


The Daily Dead reports that Rooker told the crowd that he's having to lose 20 pounds for the role.


The last time we saw Merle was in season two, as part of a fever dream of Daryl's. But the last physical sighting of him was on top of that Atlanta highrise, where he'd been handcuffed by Rick, before cutting his own hand off and escaping.


Yesterday, the show's official Twitter account sent out this message, which may be referring to Rooker, or maybe something else entirely!!


"This Sunday #TalkingDead will make a special announcement about #TWDSeason 3 live on the show! Tune in and watch 3/18 at 10pm/9c!"


The final episode of The Walking Dead's second season, Beside The Dying Fire, airs tonight. Oh boy.


Watch Merle's season two cameo here:




Someone's Returning To The Walking Dead
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