First Photo Released From New Red Dwarf

22 years on from the first episode.

26 Apr 2012
by Callum Smith


The brand new photo of the Red Dwarf crew on the flight deck


The first photo from the new Dave-produced series of Red Dwarf has been released, showing the now middle-aged cast looking, well, at a screen.


Robert "Kryten" Llewellyn confirmed on Twitter that the snap had been taken in February during shooting of the new series. He added, "Okay, steady with all the 'Kryten looks old' comments. The poor fella's been tapping away with a smeg hammer for 3 million + years."


Craig Charles said last year that the show's costumes had had to be eased out to compensate for the cast's middle-age paunches. "Kryten's going to be a much wider robot and Cat wears a wig so you can't see his grey hair. And Rimmer – he'll need a touch up," he said.


The six-part series comes off the back of Dave's revival of the show in 2009. Back to Earth nabbed 3 million viewers when it was shown on the satellite channel.


Red Dwarf's tenth series is expected to air this Autumn.



First Photo Released From New Red Dwarf
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