Chris O'Dowd Cast In New Christopher Guest Sitcom

Spinal Tap man moves to the small screen.

29 May 2012
by Callum Smith


Chris O'Dowd in Cannes, May 2012


The IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd has been cast in Christopher Guest's new sitcom, Family Tree, reports the Vulture website.


The sitcom will be Guest's first work for the goggle box, and will be his first directorial work since 2006's For Your Consideration.


Vulture are reporting that the show will be "an improvised genealogy comedy [that] follows the efforts of one man — Chris O'Dowd — as he attempts to track down his real family."


The website's industry moles are telling them that Guest wants to do the half-hour show largely improvised and ad-free, à la Curb Your Enthusiasm, and so NBCUniversal International Television are currently shopping the project to various pay services like HBO, Showtime and Netflix.


Meanwhile, O'Dowd is penning a new comedy for Sky One, Moone Boy, co-starring Steve Coogan and Johnny Vegas, about an 11-year-old growing up in a rural Irish town in the late 80s.


See the trailer for Guest's last cinema effort here:




Chris O'Dowd Cast In New Christopher Guest Sitcom

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