Dirk Gently Axed By BBC Four

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29 May 2012
by Callum Smith


Lucy Lui and Johnnny Lee Millar star in Elementary]


Alas, BBC Four's Dirk Gently is no more.


Stephen Mangan, who played Douglas Adams's self-styled 'holistic detective' in the show, Tweeted yesterday, "It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to report that the BBC have decided not to make any more Dirk Gently."


The Howard (Misfits) Overman-nurtured adaptation of Adams' cult series of books was first broadcast as a pilot on BBC Four in December 2010. A three-part series followed in March this year, attracting around 500,000 viewers an episode. The series also starred Darren Boyd as Gently's partner Richard MacDuff, and Helen Baxendale as MacDuff's girlfriend Susan.


A BBC Four spokesperson said that the comic drama will not be recommissioned because the freeze on the license fee has led to a reduced drama budget for the channel.


There was a painful inevitability about Dirk Gently's axing, given the BBC's forced austerity and particularly BBC Four's move away from original drama commissioning. For our part, despite its faults, we big-time hearted Overman's take on the Adams books and will mourn Dirk Gently's passing.


You can read our review of the series' first episode here.


See a preview for the series here:




Dirk Gently Axed By BBC Four

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