Terra Nova Is No More

SF series is cancelled by Fox. The world hardly cares.

6 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


The cast of Terra Nova


In a move that will mostly likely elicit a "meh" shrug from even its most loyal fans, Fox have pulled the plug on the Steven Spielberg-birthed, dinosaur drama, Terra Nova.


Not a great surprise. Despite being launched to great excitement, this dinosaur fantasy struggled to find viewers. That, coupled with its lavish budget, always made it vulnerable.


"Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled," star Jason O'Mara (Jim Shannon) confirmed on Twitter. "We're gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by."


Exec producer Cassar later commented, "Sad day for Terra Nova fans and the cast and crew, in both the US and Australia. It was a wonderful show to work on."


The series kicked off to positive reviews, which got increasingly harsher as the series went on. Sam Wollaston of The Guardian wrote, "A lot of the fault lies with what they have to say to each other. The script is as corny and cheesy as a family-sized portion of cheesy corn nachos." Meanwhile, New York Magazine reviewer, Chadwick Matlin, wrote, "Sure, the premise had promise, but even masochists like us can only take so much." As ever, there's a slither of a chance that another network might yet come in and pick the series up. But given the costs involved, that one looks unlikely. RIP, Terra Nova.


Click here for the trailer (just for old time's sake, eh?):




Terra Nova Is No More
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