The Doctor On A Horse

First pics from the Spanish shoot emerge.

10 Mar 2012
by Callum Smith


Matt Smith on a horse, bow tie 'n all have nabbed some of the first photos from Doctor Who's current Spanish shoot in the southern Spanish town of Almeria, and it certainly looks like those rumours of the Doctor heading to the Wild West are true.


Of course, this isn't the series' first foray into Western waters. 1966's The Gunfighters saw the Doctor travelling to the OK Corral, though that story never left the confines of a BBC sound stage. Interestingly (or uninterestingly, depending on your point of view), The Gunfighters starred Laurence Payne, who would later appear in The Two Doctors, which saw Doctor Who's first location filming in Spain. Fancy that, etc.


If you want even more Matt Smith-on-a-horse photos, you can head on over to the Daily Mail website here. Just hold your nose and click.


A Cyborg and a close-up of crew and cast on set in Almeria


The crew and cast on set in Almeria, Spain



The Doctor On A Horse
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