Power Of The Daleks Lives Again

Fan-made remake gets its own convention.

10 Mar 2012
by Callum Smith


Doctor Who films made by fans tend to usually be knuckle-bitingly embarrassing and make Ed Wood movies look like David Lean epics. But occasionally one comes along that bucks the trend.


The same fan team that adapted The Web Of Fear, Fury From The Deep, Evil Of The Daleks and The Daleks' Masterplan for the stage, have this time put their efforts into bringing Patrick Troughton's debut story, Power Of The Daleks, back to life. Starring Nick Scovell as the Doctor and also featuring Nu Who Dalek men Nicholas Briggs, Barnaby Edwards and Big Finish stalwart Lisa Bowerman, it was recorded in the summer of 2011.


The film will be released online in three parts, in April, July and September, but there'll be a showing of the complete thing at a charity convention, Power Reimagined, in Ferneham Hall in Fareham on 1 September. Guests announced so far are Michael Troughton (read our interview with him here) and various members of the Doctor Who Restoration Team.


You can find out more about the convention at the gang's official website, here.




Power Of The Daleks Lives Again
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