Is Sophia Myles Coming Back To Who?

She's off to Spain.

12 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Sophia Myles

Online fandom is melting with rumours that Sophia Myles is returning to Doctor Who, after having Tweeted that she's off to Spain at the exact same time as Doctor Who is filming over there!


The fact that Myles has flown to Malaga, which is over 100 miles away from Almeria, where Smith and co are currently sunning it, hasn't stopped the (normally so restrained) forums from exploding in conjecture that Madame de Pompadour is back, possibly as the new companion. Who knows? Well, a load of people in Cardiff, that's who.


Also, would the habitually secretive Who crew be allowing Myles to Tweet so carelessly if she were returning for a Pompadour encore? And she apparently flew Easy Jet, which kinda seals the deal for us.


You can read Myles' minute-by-minute account of her Spainish sojourn here.


Watch some flamenco dancing here:



Is Sophia Myles Coming Back To Who?
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