Naked Doctor Who Fangirl Hoaxers Are Busted

Go, SFX!

13 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


timegirlkatie as she appeared on Twitter, the naughty, little, middle-aged man!

SFX Online has conducted a masterful investigation into an internet scam to lure gullible, Doctor Who fanboys to parting with their credit card details.


The mag's resident hard man, Ian Berriman, posted an article yesterday on their website, doing a Cook Report-style investigation into a Twitter poster named @RogueCyberman, and another, a supposed 18-year-old, clothes-shy Doctor Who fan named @timegirlkatie. Both had been randomly friending Who fans on the social networking site, with a link to another site which boasted some teasing glamour poses, with the option to see more explicit shots by joining a "members area," which means giving them your credit card details. The crafty devils.


The article was published yesterday, and only hours later, both profiles had been taken down. You can read the full expose here.




Naked Doctor Who Fangirl Hoaxers Are Busted
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