Lalla Ward Doing The Graham Norton Thing

Romana II is on his Radio 2 show this Saturday, innit.

15 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Lalla Ward

If ever you've ever wanted to ask Lalla Ward something - Tom Baker's sexual antics aside - you've got a chance when the Honourable Sarah Ward, aka Mrs Richard Dawkins, joins Graham Norton for his Radio 2 show this Saturday.


Appearing as part of the Beeb's publicity push for Gareth Roberts' Shada novelisation, she'll be answering listeners' questions on her time on Doctor Who and on the famously unaired story. But make sure you send in an intelligent question, mind. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a withering Lalla sigh, a noise that can make grown men weep at their own intellectual inadequecy.


As well as starring in Shada, she was also close friends with the late author. In fact, it was Adams - at his 40th birthday party - who introduced her to Dawkins.


Should you want to, you can email your questions and declarations of love to


You can catch the lass between 12.30pm and 1pm on The Graham Norton Show on Saturday 17 March on BBC Radio 2. Put it in your diary now, fanboy.


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Lalla Ward Doing The Graham Norton Thing
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