Classic Who Books Reissued

More Target faves live again.

20 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


BBC Books have announced the re-release of six more Classic Doctor Who novels.


Released on 10 May, the new editions come with Chris Achilleos's era-defining artwork intact, and with brand new introductions from Steven Moffat, Michael Moorcock, Mark Gatiss, Tom MacRae, Gary Russell and Alastair Reynolds. Sadly, no Glen McCoy.


The reissues were selected based on the response to a poll on the Who Facebook page. They'll retail at a nicely unthreatening £4.99 each. Or £29.94p for all six. Or £30.37 for all six and a Caramac.


The New Who Book Covers


The new Who Books


Listen to Mark Gatiss' Radio 4 documentary on Target Books here:




Classic Who Books Reissued
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