Coleman Named New Who Girl

Pretty girl in Who casting shocker.

21 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Jemma-Louise Colman

And the name is... Not Sophia Myles. It's Jenna-Louise Coleman everyone! Steady there at the back. And stop touching yourself.


The news first started to leak last night, and now the BBC have confirmed the time-totty replacement for Karen Gillan is the 25-year-old Emmerdale actress.


No word yet on who she'll be playing. Our bets are on the name Zoglatron.


She'll make her debut in this year's Christmas special. Amy and Rory are due to bow out in episode five, immediately before the Xmas spesh. The series will then resume in the new year with the season's remaining eight episodes.


Coleman has claimed she's already a "huge fan" of the show, and that she auditioned alongside Matt Smith. "It was fun," she said, "and I felt like we were in it together." (No, we've no idea what that means either)


"It always seems impossible when you start casting these parts," Moff said, "but when we saw Matt and Jenna together, we knew we had our girl. She's funny and clever and exactly mad enough to step on board the TARDIS."


"It's not often the Doctor meets someone who can talk even faster than he does," he went on, "but it's about to happen. Jenna is going to lead him his merriest dance yet. And that's all you're getting for now.


"Who she's playing, how the Doctor meets her, and even where he finds her, are all part of one of the biggest mysteries the Time Lord ever encounters. Even by the Doctor's standards, this isn't your usual boy meets girl."


The Beeb revealed the Doctor will meet his new companion in a "dramatic turn of events as the show builds towards its enormous, climactic 50th anniversary year." Colour us excited.


Born in Blackpool, Coleman nabbed the role of Jasmine Thomas in Emmerdale in 2005 and appeared as local hard girl Lindsay James in Waterloo Road in 2010. Her next big role will be a headlining part in Julian Fellowes' Titanic, due to screen next month on ITV1.


Jenna-Louise Coleman joins the swelling ranks of Doctor Who personnel with three names, standing alongside Robert Banks Stewart, Tristan DeVere Cole, Roger Murray-Leach2and John Nathan-Turner, among others, in this hallowed club.


Watch some Jenna-Louise Emmerdale action here:




Coleman Named New Who Girl
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