Tennant For New Sky Arts Play

Former Doc playing a thinly-disguised Will Self in new one-off drama.

24 Feb 2012
by Steve O'Brien


David Tennant

Sky Arts have announced that David Tennant will be headlining a one-off play entitled The Minor Character, based on a short story by Will Self. Tennant will play a "witty and acerbic artist" in the film, which will be broadcast as part of a series of plays under the title Playhouse Presents.


Sky Arts have recently been given an injection of extra money from Sky and are amping up their drama output, at the same time as BBC Four are dialling theirs down. Other plays in the series include Emma Thompson as Queen Liz in a comedy-drama about the Michael Fagan break-in and Nixon's The One, with Spinal Tap man Harry Shearer as President Nixon. Playhouse Presents starts in April. Check it out, yo.


Click here for David Tennant's tribute to Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner:




Tennant For New Sky Arts Play
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