New Pic Confirms They DO Mean ALL OF THEM!

Classic Era Dalek makes a comeback.

1 Apr 2012
by Steve O'Brien


So, looks like it won't just be a meet-up between the RTD Gold Daleks and the hunchy Moffat ones for the series 7 opener. Steven M posted a picture on Twitter at the weekend that shows Matt Smith and Karen Gillan posing with a Classic Era model. And what's more, he also let slip that we might be seeing a 60s-era version as well.


"After extensive deliberation, THE DOCTOR HAS SPOKEN. Matt Smith likes the sixties Dalek best," Moff Tweeted, adding later, "This just in: Amy Pond concurs. The Last Centurian has yet to speak." Arthur Darvill then posted, I could tweet several incriminating pictures of my favourites but I feel they may be... How do you say?... Spoilers?"


The Dalek in the photo looks pretty dusty, so maybe this one - and the others - come from a private collection of Daleks somewhere. Or maybe it's been guarding somewhere for couple of millennia. Or possibly the TARDIS has arrived at the Longleat Doctor Who Exhibition of 1994 in a touch of meta nonsense. All of these ideas are most probably shit.


Matt Smith and Karen Gillan with a dalek covered in dust. So that would be a dusty dalek.



New Pic Confirms They DO Mean ALL OF THEM!
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