RTD Lends SM His Dalek

Seems Rusty's not quite done with Doctor Who.

11 Apr 2012
by Callum Smith


Russell T Davies has often spoken of his Dalek, the one that stands in the hallway of his Manchester home. Well, he's loaned it to the current production team, for Moff's Dalek-stuffed episode one.


Who Brand Manager Edward Russell revealed the hire, by Tweeting a picture of and the programme's executive producer with the Dalek: "Oh look. It's me and Caroline Skinner posing with Russell's Dalek on her way to the studio! Daleks are female, right? It makes so much sense. For one they have skirts..." Skinner then Tweeted, "Russell's Dalek has arrived on set - I'm talking her through her part!" Steven Moffat added, "We'll all look after it. Except for the Doctor, who'll probably blow it up. Sorry, he does that."


In addition to Russell T Dalek, The Sun's resident Dalek prop is also gearing up for a reappearance in the show. Murdoch's boys bought the prop - last seen in Day Of The Daleks - in 2004 when the row erupted between the BBC and Terry Nation's estate, which threatened to leave the Daleks out of the relaunched Who.


Moffat told the paper, "We'd like to assure The Sun we take very good care of all our Daleks and see no harm comes to them during production," before adding (because a good joke is worth repeating, obviously), "Except for the ones the Doctor blows up, of course." Ho ho.


Caroline Skinner and Edward Russell with Russell T Davies' dalek



RTD Lends SM His Dalek
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