RTD Lends SM His Dalek

Actor moans to Radio Times.

12 Apr 2012
by Callum Smith


Peter Davison and Robert Glenister in The Caves of Androzani

Robert Glenister, brother of Philip and star of Hustle, has been moaning to Radio Times about his appearance as Salateen in The Caves of Androzani.


When asked if there was any role in his career he regretted, he replied, "I probably shouldn't say this, but about 30 years ago I played an android in a Doctor Who story called The Caves of Androzani. I still get people outside the stage door with that picture of me looking about 12 and I am appalled at myself every time I see it. I looked like a complete berk and wish I never had to see it again." Aw, diddums.


So, if you've ever waited in the rain for Robert Glenister, with a DVD of Peter Davison's swansong story in your hands, shame on you!! You're making this man's life a misery!


Makes you wonder, though, if Glenister has ever got to actually see this story. While John Levene still puffs his chest out with pride over the way he carries a heavy crystal in The Time Monster, it seems Robert Glenister is embarrassed about being really quite good in an amazing Doctor Who story.


So next time you fancy queuing outside that stage door, maybe take a second copy along and, once you've got your scribble, strongarm him into watching it. He may then realise that the role he should regret is from three series of Sink Or Swim.



Robert Glenister Regrets Androzani Role
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