Mike McShane Joins The Who Crew

Plus The Daily Mail have new graveyard pics.

23 Apr 2012
by Callum Smith


Mike McShane

Mike McShane, who you may remember as Friar Tuck from the godawful Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves movie, and from countless appearances on Channel Four's Whose Line Is It Anyway, revealed via Twitter that he's currently lensing an episode of Doctor Who.


Given McShane's Kansas upbringing, it looks like he's up for a role in the US-set episode five, although the Brit-based actor won't be filming any of his scenes in the States. "Getting ready to leave for Cardiff to be a villain in Dr Who!! YEEESSSS!!!" he Tweeted on 5 April, following it up on the 21st with, "Most fantastic time doing Doctor Who; best cast and crew I've been with in a while! Long live Gallifrey..."


Meanwhile, The Daily Mail (Zieg Heil!) have a whole load of new location photos, now the crew have decamped from New York City. It appears they're still filming Rory and Amy's swansong story, as Alex Kingston is present as River Song, and Amy is reading the "Melony Malone" book that Matt Smith was pictured with in NYC. What could this all mean? Are they visiting Rory's grave after he was transported back to the 1940s by the Weeping Angels? Or maybe the Doctor has finally decided to pay for Adric's headstone after 30 years.


Karen Gillan in New York and the TARDIS in a graveyard


You can check out the full wad of Daily Mail loveliness here.



Mike McShane Joins The Who Crew
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