Check Out Baby Matt Smith

Aw, look at that little face!

1 May 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Matt Smith and his sister Laura Jayne as children


Here's Matt Smith, aged - we're guessing here - about two years old, with his older sister Laura Jayne. Aw, diddums. We've worked out that the nearest Doctor Who screening to when this picture was taken was probably Warriors of the Deep, though we're betting little Matt wasn't allowed to stay up to watch the Sea Devils and the Silurians do battle with Sea Base 4.


So, in case Matt has never caught up with Warriors of the Deep, and he happens to be a reader of this website (hi, mate, we met at the Groucho in October, but you probably don't remember me, cos you were royally wasted), here it is:




Check Out Baby Matt Smith
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