Karen Gillan Reveals Community Love

She wants a job, everyone!

19 May 2012
by Steve O'Brien


The cast of Community


Now she's finished with Doctor Who, Karen Gillan has started touting for other jobs, and has revealed she's hungry for a guest slot on the US sitcom, Community.


The geek-friendly show features a spoof of Doctor Who titled Inspector Spacetime, and Gillan told BBC America she'd be happy to appear in Community as Amy Pond (not sure it's your call, love, but never mind).


"I've seen a lot of Community actually," she cooed. "I wasn't familiar with it until recently when my flatmate said, 'Do you realise there's a Doctor Who spoof in a show over in the States?' I was like, 'what is this?' So we sat down and watched one of the episodes and got hooked and now I really really love Community.


"I love Inspector Spacetime, it's so funny. Because that's what we do at work every day, so to see it in the States in spoof form is brilliant."


See KG talking about her Community love here:



And watch a bit of Inspector Spacetime 'ere:




Karen Gillan Reveals Community Love
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