Matt Smith Runs About A Bit With A Torch

Sporty actor does sporty thing.

27 May 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Matt Smith carrying the Olympic torch


For those that give a shit, the Olympic Torch Relay is apparently a really big deal. So we're told it was a great honour for Matt Smith to be given the chance to run about a bit with a torch, in preparation for some big games do that's happening in London later this year.


Smith took possession of the torch in Cardiff on Day Eight of its travels around the UK, following on from's Voice-publicising turn in Taunton. It's understood that Colin Baker was not asked this year.


"It's a great privilege to be involved," Smith cooed. "I can't quite believe that people have actually turned up. I thought I'd just be carrying it around, waving to the ducks! I'm thrilled that so many people have come out, and it's really nice that the weather's nice - well done weather! I just think it's a wonderful thing anyway, I think the Olympics, the build up, the sense of national focus, with the Euros [Euro 2012] as well, I'm really excited about the summer of sport that we've got ahead, and I think things like this are just wonderful. And the Jubilee! I'm way into this whole sense of national coming together, street parties and things like this.


"It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, and for me personally to have the privilege of carrying it... it's one of those rare opportunities that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the fact that I play the Doctor."


You can see Matt Smith looking all sporty and talking about his go with the Torch by clicking just below these words that you're reading now:




Matt Smith Runs About A Bit With A Torch
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