Moffat: New Monsters Are Better

Showrunner suggests no Daleks or Cybermen next year.

3 Mar 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Steven Moffat

Not a great surprise to hear Moff saying this, but he's told the French magazine Le Village that he believes new monsters work better in Doctor Who than old ones. Sacré bleu!


Of course, no writer worth his weighty BBC salary is going to say, "Yes, we prefer to dredge stuff up from the past, as we don't have any faith in our own ideas." Moffat believes that viewers connect more with monsters making their first appearance.


"One of the temptations," he told the magazine, "particularly if it's a success is to keep repeating your hits, which means you hear it again and again and again… I always say new monsters are better in Doctor Who because you fall in love with monsters when they're new."


Dammit, does this mean no more Tractators? No more Gel Guards? AND NO MORE GARM??! Hmm, what it probably means is that they're cutting down on Classic Era monsters before the big nostalgia orgy planned for 2013.


Besides which, producer Marcus Wilson confirmed to DWM that two Classic Era monsters would be back (the Garm?? Say it's so!). And when questioned by SFX, executive producer Caroline Skinner answered, "Wait and see..." when asked about the rumours buzzing around about the return of the Zygons. But then these returning monsters could be no more than spit and cough appearances. Hey, they could even be blink and you miss 'em flashbacks, even.


Click 'ere for Doctor Who's Top 11 Monsters:




Moffat: New Monsters Are Better
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