Bleak, but brilliant, drama that asks what Britain would be like under Nazi rule.


4 stars



Resistance - Michael Sheen is interrogated by the Nazis


Director: Amit Gupta

Starring: Andrea Riseborough, Tom Wlaschiha, Michael Sheen


Resistance - The men of the village are lined up on their knees in the woods by the Nazis

Fiction had been overfed with the question of what would have happened to Britain had D-Day failed and the Nazis invaded.


But this isn't a big canvas what-if, like Robert Harris' grandly epic Fatherland.


Resistance is a spare, quiet and powerfully intimate drama that has more in common with Andrea Arnold's recent Wuthering Heights than it does the The Great Escape.


Set within the bleak majesty of the Black Mountains in south-east Wales, Resistance tells the story of the relationship between the German commander, Albrecht (Tom Wlaschiha), and a farmer's wife, Sarah (Andrea Riseborough).


Tom Wlaschiha in Resistance

Albrecht heads up a seven-man team in the area, and, since the menfolk disappeared to join the resistance movement, they are now the only males in a village haunted by the ghosts of the past.


There's a bleak despair at the heart of Resistance. The women of the valley look crushed and spiritless, as they adjust to a new life under German control. The absence of half of the valley has taken away its heartbeat - the Church remains empty and an old women waits and waits for her roof to be mended.


Resistance - Andrea Riseborough

Set in 1944, five years into Nazi occupation, Resistance is less about war and more about what it does to people, communities, trust and hope.


The bleakly beautiful visuals act as a chilly metaphor for the loneliness and despair of the womenfolk, and director Amit Gupta, in his first feature, directs with a sure hand, squeezing the ghostly allure out of his lush Welsh setting.


A low-key and delicate little gem.


Callum Smith


You can read our interview with lead actor Tom Wlaschiha by clicking here.



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Resistance Reviewed
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