Grimm - pilot

Former Buffy man attempts to rehash former glories, with middling results


2 stars





Air date: UK: 13 Feb, Watch, 9pm


The fact that Grimm has been snatched up by Watch in the UK, instead of the mightier Sky tells you enough about how must-see this new police-procedural-meets-mythical-monsters show is.


Grimm - The pilot episode - The 2 detectives investigate the site of a murder

Grimm is the brainbaby of David Greenwalt, one of the creatives behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and you can tell. It's almost like he's spent the last decade working out what to do outside of the Whedonverse and then just shrugged and thought, "Why don't I just remake them?"


The pilot doesn't seem to be in a hurry to set out Grimm's stall, but a bit of Wiki-ing tells me that "A homicide detective in present-day Portland, Oregon learns from his aunt that he is a descendant of a group of hunters known as 'Grimms,' who fight to keep humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world."


That homicide detective, Nick Burkhardt (not to be confused with Buffy Sommers, because she's, like, a girl and he's a man), starts seeing odd things when his dying aunt comes to town. Faces that melt momentarily into monsters, that kind of head-messing nonsense.


At the same time, a woman's been murdered and a little girl's gone missing. So, Nick and his police pal investigate, and he stumbles upon a clock-maker named Monroe, who reveals himself as a Weider Blutbad (again, I have to go to Wiki for this, because the pilot doesn't want to give up what these guys are), "witch-like creatures, who can can be identified by a birthmark under their tongues."


Grimm - The pilot - The 2 stars

Greenwalt seems so scared of the sin of exposition that there's little to seize on in this pilot. What does being a Grimm mean? Does he have a superpower? Who are these creatures? Are they dangerous (the creature who killed the jogger and kidnapped the little girl doesn't do anything your average psycho paedo wouldn't do) ?


It's not even as if the lack of premise info gives us any more time to add depth and personality to Nick Burkhardt. Blandly played by David Giuntoli, he's too much in police officer mode for this pilot episode to hint at what sets Grimm apart.


It's curiously uneager to seduce its potential audience and appears fatally unconceptualised so far. Greenwalt seems to have stolen the set-up from his old shows, but Grimm has none of the fun and fizz and lightness of touch of Buffy. It's all... well, a bit grim.


Steve O'Brien


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Grimm - pilot
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