Hustle season 8 episode 3

With the bloke from the officer playing a bent copper...


4 stars



Air date: UK: 27 Jan 2012, BBC1, 9pm


After a couple of limping episodes so far, this third offering saw Hustle showing its muscles. The show has dealt with its share of crooked coppers over the years, and Patrick Baladi's sneering, bent-as-a-triangle DI Fisk was a fine foe for the gang.


Patrick Baladi as Sid Fisk


Hustle is a programme where, as an audience, we know we've been tricked at some point, or told to look the other way when something important happened. It's about guessing at what point we stopped paying attention. What was genius about this episode was that the con was in place within the first few seconds of the programme, and it wasn't the target we thought it was.


It would have been nice to see Skye Lourie's Kat as a semi-regular. Though there's not much chance of that given the series has only three episodes left. Ditto Sophie Ward's marvellously icy DCI Wainwright. That final scene between her and Mickey seemed to be setting her up as a regular nemesis to the crew. Maybe she'll have something to do with the gang's final con in three weeks. Time will tell...


Though some of the dialogue felt a little too contrived ("Ash Morgan, knows more tricks than a cartful of monkeys"), this was the best episode of this series so far. Let's hope now they've got a sprint going, they can keep it up.


Callum Smith



Hustle season 8 episode 3
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