Hustle season 8 episode 4

The one with John Barrowman in...


2 stars



Air date: UK: 3 Feb 2012, BBC1, 9pm


John Barrowman in Hustle

It seems churlish to lambast Hustle for wafer-thin characterisation, but John Barrowman's uber-smarmy, diet con millionaire was especially cartoonish here. Which was a shame, as the episode promised something different when it looked like Mickey would be taking on a fellow con artist, albeit one with a more respectable front.


But Barrowman's Dean Deville and lipsticked witch missus, Dana (Raquel Cassidy), were among Hustle's more vacuum-headed targets. Quite how a couple could be savvy enough to sell the public a sham diet like theirs, and could be thick enough to fall for a miracle weight loss cure, like the one Ash was pretending to be on, stretches credibility, even for a Hustle.


The sub-plot, with Jodie Prenger's doughnut-guzzling, fellow grifter seemed similarly unsatisfactory. Can't an overweight person appear on television without it being about their size? And, while the attraction with Eddie promised a belated storyline for the eight-series loyal Rob Jarvis, it didn't actually go anywhere.


While it was refreshing to see Barrowman doing the subservient bit, the episode was too broad and camp to put it up there with Hustle's best.


Callum Smith



Hustle season 8 episode 4
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