Hustle season 8 episode 5

Suit You, Sir!


3 and a half stars



Air date: UK: 10 Feb 2012, BBC1, 9pm


For Hustle's last-but-one episode, it's back to picking on one of its favourite villain types, the crass and ruthless property developer. The twist this time is that this one is also a bitter and twisted ex-game show host, hungry as hell to buy London City Studios and make a mint demolishing it.


Mark Williams inspects a property


Mark Williams successfully buried his Fast Show past to make his character truly despicable. This broadly felt like a classic Hustle set-up, and would have been equally at home in season one. The only new aspect was the rather odd subplot regarding Ash's godson, Alfie. It didn't really go anywhere, and hardly illuminated Ash's character or indeed any of the regulars. Despite being played by the supernaturally good Sammy Williams, this seemed like this was a subplot that got substantially cut down in post.


Of course, as entertaining as it was, there were plotholes all over the place, and the final twist, where the gang robbed their own money back via a complicated series of room changes and elevator intervention, felt unnecessarily convoluted. When it's suggested, at one point, that they probably did it by messing with the CCTV, you just think, yes, well, why didn't they? Of course, it's more much more dramatic, but there should have been a given reason why they couldn't have done it the easy way.


Still, for all the nonsense involved, it was a solidly entertaining episode of Hustle that felt reassuringly traditional. We're definitely gonna miss you.


Callum Smith



Hustle season 8 episode 5
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